Advertiser FAQ

How can I buy cheap topic-relevant backlinks?
1. Register for free.
2. Create campaign.
3. Assign category to your own domain.
4. Set limit for cost.
5. Choose desired quality of advertising platforms (websites).
6. Choose advertising site for text links (home page or also subpages)
7. Choose categories relevant to the topic.
8. Set desired position of text link.
9. Done.
10. Advertising space will now be offered based on your details in the account.

What can I buy as an advertiser on the marketplace
. About the text link marketplace system of advertisers can act as a buyer or tenant and rent advertising space on external cheaper websites to place there text links (English backlinks) to place. Basically it concerns static text link announcements, which can be booked per month on web pages third for a certain price. Can be booked. In contrast to the usual ads, this marketing campaign does not have to pay for backlinks based on the click price or the number of views..

Where exactly will my backlink be placed?
You can buy or rent an advertising space for backlinks on the home page as well as on subpages of a web presence.. Basis of the booking of a backlink are the campaign settings made by you, in which you specify the desired quality of the advertising page, topic relevance or category or the monthly price. Many different criteria are included in the calculation, which then searches in the background and offers you over time suitable web presences for a backlink purchase.

Which payment options are there to charge my balance?
In your account you will find the usual payment options such as PayPal, instant transfer or bank transfer.

What are the costs for advertisers?
The only cost that backlink buyers have is the price/month for a text link on an advertising space of the publisher's web presence. Click prices and views price do not apply.

Can search engines tell if I am buying backlinks?
Provided you follow certain rules and procedures, it is difficult to tell if backlinks have been purchased for a website were. This includes, for example, the too fast backlink building.

. Do I get a guarantee of better search engine ranking by buying backlinks?
No, no one can give a guarantee for better positions of your website, not even if you specifically buy cheap topic-relevant quality backlinks. For this, there are too many criteria that influence the Ranking in the search engines have. But through backlinks you lay a foundation to strengthen your web presence, either by buying or renting.

When do I get offers to buy backlinks?
Provided you have created a campaign, loaded credit and set a limit for new bookings, new booking offers should appear daily, so that you can buy cheap backlinks. Basically, your settings in the backlink campaign are crucial. If a campaign for Buy Backlinks has been created, which includes very detailed websites for relevant backlink advertising space, i.e. a thematically exactly matching category for your website, or a certain quality of a web presence is required, it can take some time until offers for backlinks are displayed. It is also possible that not enough websites are available on the text link marketplace for exactly for exactly the topic-relevant backlinks that you require. The system searches for suitable backlink advertising space based on your wishes. If, contrary to expectations take longer, perhaps a targeted expansion of the topics or categories would be helpful. If this does not help either, please contact us. We try to help you.

On certain websites I do not want to have backlinks. What should I do about it?
You have the option to individually edit all booked text links in your advertiser members area. You can delete or block complete web presences, domains or individual subpages on which you do not want to book text links.

Why does the total expenditure per month exceed the campaign limit?
In the fields "Cost per month:" and "Cost limit per link:" you have the option as an advertiser to set a limit if you want to buy backlinks. This amount will be taken into account by the text link marketplace system for new backlink bookings. Now, however, it can also happen that the price for a English backlink increases. This happens automatically by an update of the system, because it checks and verifies all websites in certain intervals.. In this domain check many important SEO criteria are checked: MOZ rank, Alexa rank, content, backlinks of the web presence and much more. Now, if a web presence has strengthened or increased its weight or quality between 2 updates the price for the advertising space of a backlink is adjusted and the URL now has a higher backlink price. Advertisers will be informed in this case. If the total spend is 5% above the limit you set for the backlink purchase, you will get an info by email. You can then decide on the further course of action and make new campaign settings for the purchase of backlinks in your account.

How long should a backlink campaign run?
You decide how long or over what period of time the backlink campaign should run or how long the backlink on the website of the publisher is installed and displayed. From SEO point of view, a consistent period for a backlink recommended. Setting a backlink for a short period of time makes little sense with regard to search engine optimizations and is wasted effort, time and money.
In your account you can delete the text link bookings, immediately or gradually, in order not to lose possible search engine rankings on blow to lose.

How is my credit settled when I buy backlinks?
The prices displayed in your advertiser account for backlinks are per month, which means 30 days. If a text link booking is made by you, this has a certain price per month for the backlink. The amount will not be deducted immediately , but over the entire month in small amounts from the credit. Example: A backlink costs 9$ / month. Then 0.30$ per day is deducted from the credit. For new bookings for text links, the first debit is made from the credit balance after 24 hours. You can still intervene within this period and possibly remove the text link booking. Remove the text link booking, without the costs for you.

My credit is almost used up. Will I be informed?
You will be notified if your credit is not enough for the next 10 days. We will send you a daily email with the information within this period.