Text link marketplace refstore.net

What exactly offers the text link marketplace refstore.net?
refstore.net is, so to speak, a mediator. About the text link marketplace advertising space or advertisements in the form of English text links between text link buyer and seller mediated. This service includes the entire handling of the process, starting from the registration of users to billing. Advertisers ( text link buyers ) have as a basic goal to increase the visibility of brands or websites and thereby generate more traffic and visitors. At the same time they design and and increase the backlink structure of the respective website through the use of refstore.net by setting or booking English text links on external websites and profit from many other SEO effects, which are part of a balanced search engine optimization. Publishers ( text link sellers ) offer advertising space for text links via refstore.net and thus earn money online with their own website through stable income.

What price has an English text link (also called backlink)?
The system calculates the price for setting a text link on a website automatically. Behind this calculation system are many different criteria. Under Among other things, the MOZ Rank and the Alexa Rank is included in the calculation. Likewise, in the text link price calculation, the position of the set text link on the web page of the of the publisher is also a criterion. Is the text link displayed on the home page or on a subpage, in the upper area of the site or page or in the lower, how much content is around it, how many external text links are already installed on the website or web page. The results of all these calculations are different for each website differently. Therefore, no price or the possible income of refstore.net can be called in the apron.

According to which criteria a manual check of a website is carried out?
Before the release of the websites created by users as an advertising platform, these are checked manually. Since even with a manual test many things are noticeable, the will ultimately flow into the calculation, this test is not to be underestimated and important part of the entire cycle on the text link marketplace for English backlinks. This is we are aware.

On the following criteria is paid attention with the manual examination of an English web page:
- Is the website rechtsfonform ( English & European law )?
- Is it a spam page, link farm or redirect page?
- Website design and usability (usability)
- What content is presented on the website?
- How much content is on the website?
- How was the website presence technically implemented?
- Does the content on the website consist of unique content or double content?
- How many sub-pages are on the website or in e.g. forums: How many posts does the forum have?
- When was the website last updated bwz. when was the last contribution published?

Find English text links relevant to the topic!
Use the text link marketplace properly. Members are given the opportunity to assign their websites in appropriate categories or topics. This gives Advertiser the chance to buy advertising space for really thematically relevant English backlinks. We will constantly check if more precise topics should be added.

Status 21.09.2021 ( FAQ is constantly being expanded )