Publisher FAQ

Earn money with your own website & blog
The Textlink Marketplace offers websites, blogs to online stores the opportunity to market or sell advertising space. Completely free of charge. You have written a new blog post, created a new subpage on your website or integrated a new product in your online store? Register on the marketplace. You could be earning money today.

How do I proceed or what are the first steps to earn money online?
1. register for free.
2. create advertising platform (website) as a publisher.
3. select categories relevant to your topic.
4. Add PHP code to the selected location on your own website.
5. Our system will spider the selected web page(s) and offer them automatically on the text link marketplace.
6. you will be shown offers for text link bookings.
7. accept or reject text link offers.
8. If you accept an offer for text link booking, the link will be displayed on your website.
9. You will earn money online after 7 simple steps.

How much money can you make selling text link advertising space?
Since each website must be considered individually, no definite income can be given. The income from a rental of advertising space for Text links depends on the particular website. How strong is the website in terms of SEO components? In the calculation for the price of a text link are included, for example: Content quantity, placement of the text link (in the upper or lower part of the website?), how many external links are on the website?, MOZ rank, Alexa rank, how many subpages the website has and many other criteria, which are of course also important for the advertiser who wants to buy backlinks. But still, you can basically say: the more websites or advertising space you offer, the more revenue you have. The quantity makes it in the end. But this does not mean that you should spam your websites with advertising space. In the middle always lies the truth and success.

What is the minimum amount for a payout of revenue from the sale of text links?
The minimum amount for a payout is 25€.

How can I cash out my money?
Money from revenue via Textkink sales advertising space you can withdraw 1x per month, provided that the minimum amount is reached. The usual payout options are via: Bank account English banking institution, Sofortüberweisung, PayPal ( basically for foreign payouts ).

Why was my domain / website rejected after the manual check?
Since we ultimately want to offer advertisers (backlink buyers) a certain quality, many criteria are taken into account during the manual check. Therefore, the Reasons for a rejection or non-inclusion in the text link marketplace can be very different. Please read the FAQ, there are the most important Quality features for websites listed.

I have added the PHP code to the web page. What happens now?
If the PHP code is correctly installed in the web page appears in the column "Code" a green check mark. The text link marketplace system crawls your domain and takes over gradually and gradually the homepage and the subpages in the text link marketplace. Please have a little patience. The integration of the websites / URLs' takes some time. If websites are are recognized and included, they are automatically displayed in the text link marketplace and can be used / bought by backlink buyers (advertisers) for link building or marketing. used / bought. Faulty or invalid websites / URLs' that do not meet the system requirements will not be included or deleted.

My web presence is not online. What happens to text link bookings?
The text link marketplace system checks at regular intervals all URLs' that have placed text links. Booked text links that do not exist will be deleted. There is no remuneration takes place.

How are URLs' indexed in the text link marketplace?
The indexing of URLs', especially subpages, can basically be imagined as an indexing in known search engines. On the basis of a subpage can describe it this way: search engines get a ping, provided that a page is called. This is done by clicking on the URL of the page. The search engine crawls the page and possibly includes it in the index. The crawling in the Textlink Marketplace system works in the same way. This all happens in the background and takes its time. While the page is crawled, as already described, several criteria decide on indexing in the marketplace. If everything was successful the URL in your account. You can also delete page URLs' afterwards, which you do not want to use as an advertising platform.

I have large websites that contain many subpages. How are such websites treated?
The limit is 500 pages per web presence.

How many web presences may I register through my account at the Textlink Marketplace?
There is no limit. You can register as many websites through your account as you want. The more pages, the more advertising space is available to advertisers, To buy advertising space for backlinks. The market will ultimately regulate it on its own.

How can I increase my earnings to make more money online?
Check / check your URL for some SEO criteria, which are also used for the price calculation for a backlink by the system. - At what position is the displayed text link? Placements in the upper part of a web page has more weight for link building and therefore costs more. - How many external links are on the website? Possibly reduce the number of outbound links. - Use the attribute "nofollow" specifically for links, for example, in the footer, since footer links are known to appear on all subpages.

The text link was not found, although the link appears on the page. What now?
In most cases, this is a temporary problem with different causes, which also usually disappears after some time. Causes could be, for example. Maintenance work you are doing or had done on your web presence or a not updated cache. If the problem cannot be solved please contact us. We will be happy to try to help you.

We have optimized an already initialized web presence. In the process, the URL structure has changed. What do I have to do?
The text link marketplace system takes new URLs' independently. URLs' that no longer exist, you can manually delete in your account. Were on such URLs' text links, these will unfortunately be lost. A transfer of booked text links from one domain to another is not possible. However, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you find a solution.

Why was a subpage from my website not included?
There are several reasons for this:
- There were already 500 pages included (limit was reached).
- The system blocks pages with e.g. not allowed characters.
- The page has been deleted and will therefore not be resumed by the system. If it is an important page for you, please contact us. We will try To support you.

Do I have control over text link booking requests and bookings?
Absolutely. You CAN see, accept or reject offers for text link bookings as well as all ongoing text link bookings via your account. A request or an offer for a text link booking is displayed in your account for 7 days before the text link is automatically placed. You therefore have 7 days for a decision whether you want to sell the text link on your advertising space or not.