Terms and conditions of refstore.net

Service description
On the web presence refstore.net a text link marketplace is provided, over which after a registration advertising surfaces for German text links on external web pages can be rented or rented. The use of our service or participation in the text link marketplace requires the completion of the 18th year of age and full legal capacity (legal persons and natural persons with full legal capacity). natural persons with unrestricted legal capacity). By registering and thus also accepting these GTC by ticking the box, you confirm that you are acting as an entrepreneur. The service provided by the refstore.net website is provided exclusively on the basis of these GTC. This means that these GTC shall be the basis for all future terms and conditions, even if they have not been expressly agreed upon again. Deviating, conflicting or supplementary general terms and conditions, even if known, are not part of the contract and are hereby contradicted by us, unless their validity is expressly agreed in writing.

Use of the text link marketplace
A registration on the text link marketplace refstore.net forms the basis for the use of the platform. A claim to registration does not exist. The registration is also free of charge. Registration on the refstore.net trading platform, simultaneous acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions and the associated opening of a member account shall give rise to a contract between refstore.net and the member on the use of the text link marketplace. member a contract for the use of the text link marketplace of refstore.net.

The operator of refstore.net reserves the right to check a membership with the partner after his registration. A membership comes by a confirmation after the examination, by activation of the account as well as by the forwarding of entrance data by E-Mail come off. Acceptance and rejection do not require any reasons on the part of the operator of refstore.net. The applicant is obliged to provide correct and truthful data during registration and to keep this data up to date in his account. This includes name and address of the respective company or the natural person. Likewise, § 6 of the German Teleservices Act (Teledienstgesetz) requires mandatory information for membership. The operator of the refstore.net text link marketplace shall be entitled to demand the submission of a business registration, tax number or, if available, an extract from the commercial register. Provided that the operator of refstore.net has received all the required data, documents and the minimum contribution, the account and the text link publication shall be activated. Agreements made between the two parties must be in writing and are valid only after written certification by the management. This clause also refers also to any agreements via e-mail.

Use of the text link marketplace refstore.net
The operator of refstore.net provides the text link marketplace to its members with individual functions, certain scope and service for use. The provided scope may be refstore.net operator linked to conditions, which, for example, a check of the data submitted during registration. duration of membership or proof of payment. A member shall not have a fundamental right to use the Textlink marketplace system, but only within the scope of the current state of the art. The services made available for use by refstore.net may be temporarily restricted if this is necessary for capacity, security, server integrity, the implementation of technical measures as well as a proper or improved performance serves. refstore.net shall attempt to and shall take into account the interests of its members, which may be e.g. by an advance information can happen.

A termination is possible and legal for both parties at any time. This can be done by e-mail or in writing by mail. A termination of the contract on the part of refstore.net can, among other things, by the non-compliance with the update obligation, even after repeated requests and expiry of a certain and acceptable period, on the part of the member come about.

Account deletion
After 3 years of inactivity the account will be deleted. Revenues as well as deposits will be lost. The processing of the own account, which includes, for example, the timeliness, is the personal responsibility of each account holder. Pay attention therefore to it.

Remuneration & Billing
Transactions are made exclusively through the text link marketplace system of refstore.net. The basis for the conclusion of a fee-based text link booking is the Compensation of the costs for the first performance period.

The members commit themselves opposite the operator of refstore.net , no web pages or other contents to furnish or convey, which against valid right, the good customs, rights of third parties or personality rights offend or pornographic, indexed or any inadmissible contents have. Furthermore, refstore.net is guaranteed by the members the legality of their website offers as well as the content provided on it. The operator of refstore.net shall in no way provide a guarantee or warranty for the authorization of a member to buy or sell text links. Offers of German text links on websites via the text link marketplace system that violate any rights, as already described and listed above, are excluded. Should the operator of refstore.net become aware of any such offers, it shall be entitled to remove the offer from the text link marketplace without observing a period of notice and to terminate the member's account. and to block and exclude the member's account. In addition, the member undertakes to indemnify or hold harmless the operator of refstore.net from and against any and all claims by third parties that may arise as a result of any offers, actions or also omissions of the members in relation to trademark rights, competition rights, any industrial property rights or other rights can acquire. At the same time the member undertakes to compensate refstore.net for any damages incurred as a result. This shall also apply mutatis mutandis to official, judicial and other sovereign orders.

Operators and members are aware that errors (new or older) and maintenance needs may occur and the pages in necessary care, - and maintenance work from the net are taken. The operator of refstore.net provides only a marketplace system for German text links. A guarantee regarding range and text link bookings is not not given.

Liability & Damages
Nothing created by human hand is error-free. Therefore, the operator of refstore.net also assumes no liability for Internet availability and software and their databases, for downtime due to maintenance or errors occurred, in case of force majeure or events that complicate or make impossible a service provision even if they occur at a third party, and affect compliance with already binding deadlines and dates. In these cases the operator is In these cases, the operator is entitled to partially or completely withdraw from the contractually stipulated agreements and to postpone the agreed service provision to a reasonable extent. Claims for damages are excluded in these cases, as well as with regard to range and text link bookings and regardless of the type of breach of duty. Liability is excluded in the case of claims for damages against fraudulent misrepresentation, guaranteed procurement characteristics, according to the Product Liability Act as well as life-threatening, physical or health damage. The operator of refstore.net shall be liable in the event of a grossly negligent breach of material contractual obligations as well as in the event of intentional behavior up to the foreseeable amount of damage. The operator of refstore.net shall not be liable for lost profits, claims for damages by third parties, saved expenses or other indirect or consequential damages, unless the operator of refstore.net is not liable for such damages. and consequential damages, unless a performance feature guaranteed by refstore.net is intended to protect the Partner against such damages. All excluded claims against the operator of refstore.net shall also apply to its employees, workers, representatives and vicarious agents. The operator of refstore.net has the right to claim damages in the event of intentional misuse of the system, for example, if links to websites over an longer period of time are erschlichen.

The operator of refstore.net is entitled to collect billing data & user data of the member or applicant without explicit consent, process and use, provided that it serves the performance of this contract. For other purposes, data deposited by the member or applicant will not be used, processed or passed on to third parties. Members shall be entitled to request information free of charge, also electronically, about their personal data stored by refstore.net. Members are also entitled to request the deletion, correction or blocking of their data within the scope of the statutory provisions. Through technical and organizational means & measures, the operator of refstore.net shall ensure that unauthorized third parties do not interfere with or gain access to the member's stored data, as far as it is within its possibilities.

These GTC shall be governed by German law (Germany). If any provision in these terms and conditions or in the context of any agreements be or become invalid, the effectiveness of all other agreements. The partners undertake in this case to find solutions that are legally or economically equivalent to the the ineffective provision. The operator of the text link marketplace refstore.net reserves the right to change the conditions listed in these terms and conditions. Members & applicants will be informed about Changes informed and have the right to object within 4 weeks and delete their account or dissolve the contract.