Guidelines for advertisers to buy English backlinks

What are the requirements for a campaign website?
  • The website must be indexed by the search engines and be in the index.
  • It must not be a fake website.
  • The web presence must be well maintained and give an outward good appearance.
  • There must be content on the website that offers added value for visitors.
  • Imprint as well as contact must be found on the website.
  • The website must comply with English or American law and must not violate it.
  • It must not be a spam site.
  • The language used on the website must be English.

Guidelines for link texts of a website campaign
  • Link texts are only allowed within sentences that are also readable.
  • Link texts with only a single keyword are not allowed.
  • At the same time keyword spam is not allowed in the link text.
  • Look for spelling errors and grammar in the link text created.
  • Linktexts must not consist exclusively of capital letters.
  • Link texts must have a contextual connection to the respective web page.
  • It must be recognizable what the respective website behind the text link for content or content contains.
  • Not allowed are link texts such as "Here you will find", or only "here", "click" or "offers" and "page".
  • Style sentences as interrogative sentences is not allowed.
  • Avoid words like "quickly", "now", "here", as these words could be construed as spam.
  • Not allowed are statements in the link text that suggest that the link text was created by the publisher (website operator). Example: "I was just on the following website text link."
  • Use logically thought-out text links. Example: "Bags online" does not read well at all, makes little sense and also does not entice visitors to click on the link.
  • Not allowed are completely meaningless English text links. Example: "Buy free games".