Guidelines for website operators / publishers to market / sell English text links

Web pages requirements
  • The website / web page must be SEO relevant.
  • The content on the website must offer added value. What does this mean for the English backlink marketplace?
  • Basically, we will divide websites into 2 areas:

    Websites that produce or offer their own universal products, information or services. These websites, of course, offer tremendous added value. The reason is simply that users and visitors will find original descriptions of the product, individual uniq content and descriptions, as well as images and Videos find.

    Websites that take the content from the websites from the first category. For the most part, these are affiliate websites. Examples are tariff comparisons, which the data for a comparison of external comparisons obtain and integrate. Sometimes these domains consist of 5 pages without any updates. This category also includes website projects that only link to Amazon products and search engines. as well as search engines. Furthermore, web catalogs and web directories that are no longer updated ( dead links, no new entries, etc. ). These websites will have a hard time to be included in the English text link marketplace.

    Of course, not all websites can be classified in such a way that they are not are relevant. Many website owners put a lot of work into their web presence. Also webmasters who earn their money online as an affiliate in the above-mentioned subject area. Be it social media activities, systematic topic-relevant backlink building with English backlinks or constant updating of the website with new topics or content. Successful examples also exist enough. We note that.
  • The age of the domain must be at least 6 months.
  • There must be enough relevant English content on the website.
  • Your web space must support PHP scripting language. The code we provide is in PHP.
  • On the website must exist a subpage where the address of the website owner and contact according to English or Americanlaw can be read.
  • The web presence must not violate English or American law.
  • It must not be a typical spam website.

Websites that are not included in the Backlink Marketplace.
  • Web catalogs & web directories that are not kept up to date
  • Satellite websites or bridge sites
  • Mirrorsites
  • Aggregator websites that link 1-to-1 to other data & websites, without additional content of their own.
  • Websites that are no longer current as well as have no new content. Means: The last entry is months ago. Examples are auction platforms or forums.
  • Website that are hosted on a free hoster.
  • Website that consist of sub-pages that can not be indexed by search engines. For example, search engine services.
  • Non-active websites. Examples: News portals, news services, or inactive web blogs.
  • Website with session ID URL.
  • Websites with HTML frame content.
  • Websites that consist mostly of duplicate content, with no additional content of their own. Again, however, not all can be lumped together.
  • Half-heartedly created websites without useful added value.
  • Websites that were not created for people, but exclusively for search engines.
  • Websites without SEO relevance to the actual content or offer on the page.
  • Member-only websites, e.g. only accessible via login.
  • Fake websites. Examples are fake stores.
  • Websites with an exaggerated number of advertising on their web presence.

Wie sollen Textlinks auf der Webseite platziert bzw. eingebaut werden?
  • The text links must be visible to visitors.
  • The English text links should be placed next to the website content.
  • Use for the display area references such as "partner", "partner pages", "tips" or similar.
  • The text links may not be displayed or installed on web pages that are marked with "nofollow" or "noindex".
  • The English text links must not be installed or displayed on link-only pages.
  • The hyperlinks must also be recognizable as such. That is, the link must not stretch over all the text that is around the actual hyperlink.
  • The PHP code must not be included on web pages that are not accessible to visitors. This is, for example, a members area or. Web pages that are marked with "nofollow" or "noindex" and thus are not included by search engines in their index.
  • The text links may only be displayed on English-language websites. Website operators who run a multilingual website must pay attention to this.
  • The PHP code must not be included on web pages with temporary content or with session ID URL.
  • The PHP code must be installed only 1 time on the website.